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How the Health Courses Can Benefit You

Many people nowadays are interested in building a career in accounting. This could be due to a variety of reasons that can vary person to person. Undoubtedly one may very well be attracted to the prestige involved in this profession and of course, the high-paying jobs available even for entry level accountants. One way to get a head start in accounting is by taking the AAT Professional Training Courses. The AAT Training Course is the most concise introduction that one can get on the basic tenets of accounting and its principles. The AAT Course is recognised all over the world and is one of the most popular accounting training courses these days. Here are some ways on how the knowledge gained from taking the AAT Courses can benefit those seeking to pursue a career in finance.

Apply to be an AAT member

After you have completed your AAT Professional Training Course in the UK, You can apply to become an AAT member. Once your application has been accepted, you are entitled to use the acronym MAAT at the end of your name. This acronym signifies that you have successfully completed the AAT course and a recognised member of the association. This solidifies your credentials in the eyes of employers and proves to them that you are into accounting for the long haul.

Get a complete university degree

The AAT Professional Training Course is indeed a valuable vocational course. However, for some it can be a stepping-stone, as after receiving the AAT certificate, many proceed into further education. The AAT Course is also beneficial towards earning a university degree in accounting. Upon completion, one can gain up to 160 UCAS points, which many universities, consider during the application. It is widely accepted that those who have completed the AAT Course will most likely find it easier to grasp the concepts at a degree level, as students are likely to well versed with its principles from studying AAT courses.

Proceed to chartered accountancy

Upon completing the AAT Training Courses in the UK, students can proceed to gain other accounting qualifications from different awarding bodies including the ACCA qualification for example. Successful passes in the AAT Courses are recognised by all chartered accountancy bodies in the UK and because of that, students can request for exemption from certain courses if they are intending to study further. Being a chartered accountant will boost employment chances and increase expected salary tremendously.

Increase Your Employability

The job market these days is tough. It is harder for professionals, even for those people who are equipped with advanced skills to land a job. The AAT Course in the UK is perfect not only for recent graduates but even for those who are currently working. Gaining a certificate in an advanced skill like accounting from a reputable award giving body like the AAT will not only increase your employability but also your value in the job market. You can demand a higher salary and the doors to many other opportunities in the accounting industry will open up for you as a result. Over the last few years, the number of parents who send their children to international schools has been showing an upwards trend. With each passing day, more and more mothers and fathers are opting to send their kids to international schools, rather than local ones. What could be the possible reason behind this new pattern? Well, it could probably be the numerous advantages that international schools have, over the local ones. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Richness of culture -

Children who go to international schools are exposed to other children from different cultural backgrounds. They are made to interact with peers from varied backgrounds. As a result, they gain an understanding of the lives that people from different parts of the world lead, at a very early age. This better prepares them for their lives as adults.

2. Linguistic skills -

Owing to the fact that English would probably be the only common language among various children from different parts of the world, students of international schools gain mastery over the language pretty early in life. Also, interacting with their friends will enable them to learn other languages as well. It has been scientifically proved that children who are taught to speak more than two languages develop a higher intelligence quotient.

3. Behavior patterns -

Children who are enrolled in international schools learn how to behave around people from different walks of life, and people with different temperaments. This sows the seeds for an enviable behavioral pattern that will come in very useful in later life, when they, as adults, will have to interact with a blend of various people.

4. Understanding and maturity -

International schools offer a curriculum that enables their students to gain understanding about the world in general. The environment they provide is also conducive to helping the children to obtain a level of maturity that is necessary for survival. They learn to see the big picture, so to say, at an early age. This is something that local schools do not succeed in accomplishing.

5. Overall Personality development -

A combination of several factors, such as variety, learning tolerance, improved intelligence, and increased knowledge sharing contributes to the overall personality development of the child. This is an important life skill, which, if taught early in life, becomes an asset when the students move on to build their careers. It also makes them really nice to be around, and they gain a lot of friends in the process. Sometimes, these friendships may last a lifetime. All too many of us attribute our failures to a lack of that college degree. We let the lack of a bachelor or master's degree stand in the way of pursuing our dream. If I had a dollar for everyone who has told me that they plan to write their book or start their new business once they complete their undergraduate degree, I'd be a millionaire several times over. I did spend over half my life in school but while I was doing so I was in a career, academic medicine, in which a doctoral degree either in medicine, science or public health is essential. The field is open only to those with the doctoral ticket but that is untrue for many careers; in fact the education could serve as a liability.

Although I don't regret the years I spent in school and the investment in education paid off, the reality is that none of the course content either in my masters or my doctoral degree programs was directly relevant to the responsibilities of a hospital administrator. In fact, I have been told my many friends in specialized fields like engineering that the same is true for them. The chasm, my friends claim, between theory and practice is vast.

So what are my five reasons that you don't need to complete that undergraduate degree to write that book or start that business?

    With the emergence of the internet about twenty years ago, the playing fields in many businesses are levelling out and becoming open to those without formal credentials.

Who would have predicted the speed with which people of all ages took to ordering their own airline tickets, doing their own banking and purchasing their new homes completely independent of the middle men who were formerly essential? Many of those jobs have been lost but being replaced by intriguing on-line entrepreneurs.

2. The process of obtaining a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree is, generally speaking, very dampening to the creative spirit of the student.

There are exceptions to my statement, of course. But most doctors, medical or not will freely disclose the politics necessary for approval of their dissertation or their residencies. Granted, the career successes of Steve Jobs and of Bill Gates may feel like Horatio Alger stories, there is real truth to what these men did and why they walked out of their undergraduate college classrooms, returning only to teach.

3. Advanced education tends to reward persistence, good memories and the ability to follow the instructions of the teacher rather than the development of new ideas.

Certainly persistence is essential for the completion of any task whether it be a new business, book or simply washing your car.The need to follow others, their ideas, their praise and their criticism will almost always lead to failure in the wish to write that book.

4. Due to the leveling out in businesses once owned by the former mega-corporations, large publishing houses and advertising houses, there are real possibilities for wildly successful careers for those entering their fields via nontraditional methods.

Adele, the young unknown British pop singer wrote her own lyrics to Set Fire To The Rain, produced a video on YouTube and voila! William Young self published The Shack, written as a story for his kids, never dreaming that the book would be grab the hearts of so many. These are only a few of the stories of 'ordinary people' in pursuit of a dream.

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